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Tape the Feather on the T. rex

Image by RJPalmerArt, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


Paleontologists debate about whether Tyrannosaurus rex had scales or feathers. For this lesson, play tape the feather on the T. rex.

  • Download the printable T. rex coloring page (under “Materials”).
  • Cut out the T. rex.
  • Download the printable feather (under “Materials”), and cut it out (or use a feather, if you have one).
  • Place your T. rex on a wall or flat surface.
  • Stick some tape on your feather.
  • Put on a blindfold and try to tape your feather on your T. rex.

[Optional]: Color in your T. rex, and when you’re done playing the game, add feathers where you think they should be.

Recommended For


If you want to adapt this lesson for older students:


  • Move around
  • (For students who listen to the episode): Learn about the scientific method and how science can be debated and changed based on evidence


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