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The Real Velociraptor

Image courtesy of Fred Wierum, via Wikimedia Commons


Velociraptor in real life was much smaller than how it was depicted in the movie Jurassic Park. Listen to the Velociraptor dinosaur of the day segment in I Know Dino (under “Materials”).

  • For elementary students: Draw Velociraptor, based on what you learned in the episode.
  • For middle school students: Write a short description of Velociraptor, and answer the question: what modern animals were similar in size to Velociraptor?
  • Bonus: Some people say the Velociraptor in Jurassic Park is similar to the real dinosaur Utahraptor. Listen to the interview with Dr. Jim Kirkland and the dinosaur of the day segment on Utahraptor (under “Materials”) to learn more.

Recommended For

Elementary, Middle School


  • Compare and contrast scientifically accurate Velociraptor with the movie version of Velociraptor
  • Practice critical thinking