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Did Tyrannosaurs Have Lips?


The beauty of science is our ideas can change based on new evidence. Sometimes, this leads to debates between experts.

One example is the question of whether or not tyrannosaurs, such as Tyrannosaurus and Daspletosaurus, had lips.

Listen to the I Know Dino episodes listed in the materials section, and read the accompanying articles. Try to find additional articles as well.

Now choose a side: do you think tyrannosaurs had lips? Why or why not?

Create a Google slide to present your argument. Make sure to support your argument with evidence and cite your sources.

Bonus: Find 1 to 3 additional news articles about dinosaurs and lips. Based on what you learned, do you think the headlines and stories got it right? Why or why not?

Recommended For

High School


  • Practice critical thinking
  • Practice discussion/debate


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